Live From The DMZ - by Justin Giampaoli

Justin Giampaoli has written and self-published several mini-comics, including The Mercy Killing, Silicon Valley Blues, and Blood Orange, but is primarily known as a critic. He’s written for Hijinx Comics, Savant Magazine, and The East County Californian Newspaper. He’s currently the Senior Reviewer at Poopsheet Foundation and blogs frequently about more mainstream offerings at his own 13 Minutes. Live From The DMZ is dedicated to Brian Wood’s contemporary classic through its final year of publication and beyond.


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Nathan Fox was born in 1975 in Washington D.C. Raised from the age of five on the suburban outskirts of Houston, an early addiction to cartoons, commercials, and video games led to a lifelong exploration of Narrative Art and the over-stimulation associated with his generation. In the hopes of making such an addiction his full time job, Nathan left Texas for Missouri where he attended the Kansas City Art Institute. 

What followed over the next four years can only be described as an eye-opening experience compared to the somewhat quiet Southern upbringing. The discovery of Anime, Yoshitoshi’sYukiyo-e prints, sideshows, and comics would lead him down the happily twisted path he still follows today.

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[Interview Conducted @ Aloha Sushi Lounge in La Jolla, California]

When DMZ colorist Jeromy Cox walks into the Museum of Contemporary Art to meet me for lunch, I find that looks can be deceiving. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think Cox was just another one of those aging hippie surfer types, often seen combing the summer streets of San Diego. These are the guys I see surfing at 7am on a random Thursday morning near La Jolla Shores or off the coast up at San Elijo State Beach. If you made that unfortunate mistake and judged this particular book by its proverbial cover, you’d never know that Jeromy Cox absolutely has his shit together. He’s one of the hardest working and most prolific colorists working in the industry today.

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Riccardo Burchielli’s initial design for the watertower sniper from “On The Ground”

Introductory Interview

Brian, for this introductory installment I have a few general questions for you before we address specific volumes. Let’s start at the top – what was the genesis for DMZ? 

This is probably the most-asked question, in interviews, at conventions and signings, and you might think by now that if I hadn’t thought up a genuine answer that I would have at least invented a fake one… but no. I don’t know where it came from exactly. Well, a big part of it has to be the point of time in history… this was 2003, post-9/11, post-invasion of Iraq, and I was packing up my life to leave NYC for San Francisco. So I had war, politics, and my home city very much on my mind. 

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