Live From The DMZ - by Justin Giampaoli

Justin Giampaoli has written and self-published several mini-comics, including The Mercy Killing, Silicon Valley Blues, and Blood Orange, but is primarily known as a critic. He’s written for Hijinx Comics, Savant Magazine, and The East County Californian Newspaper. He’s currently the Senior Reviewer at Poopsheet Foundation and blogs frequently about more mainstream offerings at his own 13 Minutes. Live From The DMZ is dedicated to Brian Wood’s contemporary classic through its final year of publication and beyond.


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DMZ credits and legal

Brian Wood, writer, artist, creator
Riccardo Burchielli, artist, creator
John Paul Leon, cover artist
Jeromy Cox, colorist
Jared K. Fletcher, letterer
John J HillAmelia Grohman, design
DC Comics/Vertigo, publishers

DMZ is © Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli. All rights reserved. Vertigo Comics, all related characters, their distinctive likenesses and related indicia are trademarks of DC Comics. The stories, incidents, and characters depicted within these pages are entirely fictional.  All original website content is © Justin Giampaoli

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